The Studies
  1. Study 1
    Study 1
    Mature women (40yrs +) to complete a series of online/paper questionnaires on their health; back pain; bra wearing habits; physical activity and menopause symptoms (if applicable).
  2. Study 2*
    Study 2*
    Mature women (40yrs +) to have physical measures taken of their posture; back pain; breast size; bra fit; back strength; bone density and back mobility
  3. Study 3
    Study 3
    Breast Surgery Study Women (any age) awaiting breast reduction surgery to complete questionnaires and physical measures before and after surgery.

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Pressure Pain Threshold Testing
Posture Measurement
Back Mobility Testing
Back Strength Testing
Bone Mineral Density Testing
Back X-ray
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More Info
More Info
* Participants for study 2 must have initially completed study 1.

School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science